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CatchTracks is an easy to use digital Fishing Log which allows you to store an associated photo of your catch.


To Add a new record just click the yellow + on the navigation bar. A new record opens with input boxes visible.


Clicking the LOAD FISH PHOTO button opens a file dialog box allowing you to locate your photo on your hard/zip/thumb drive.



BUG!! On the free version after starting CatchTracks the first time you upload a photo into a new record it may not show up. Just repeat the process and the your photo will appear. Following photo uploads will work fine until you exit and restart the program.

After selecting your photo and clicking OPEN, you have the option of reducing the size of the stored image. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR ORIGINAL PHOTO, ONLY WHAT IS STORED IN THE CATCHTRACKS DATABASE.  The lower the reduction the less space used. The database grows as photos are added and is limited only to the available size on your hard drive.    


















After your photo has been loaded, click the Fish Type label to open a drop down box to select the fish type. You can add to this list or delete a fish from it.



























Click the Catch Date label to open the calendar. Click on a date to add a date. Any input can be changed by repeating the input process.


Clicking on the labels for Lure Type, Conditions, Wind, Direction, Water Clarity, Current, and Moon Phase open up drop Down Lists for data input.



Clicking in the Lure Color box opens the Color Selection box. Just click a color, then OK to record a lure color.



Click in the boxes and type in other data you wish to save for this catch.


Hit the Save button (looks like a floppy disk) on the navigation bar to save the data and remove the input boxes. Just click on the label or data to make the input box reappear to add/edit data.  Use the scroll buttons on the navigation bar to move through your records. The red X deletes a record.


Hit File/Exit to save all data and close CatchTracks. You can also search the database for a particular Fish Type, or produce a printable report of your catches.