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As you might know, there are a ton of Employee Safety incentive programs available.  Employees should share in a business’s success (I.E. Profits) by receiving incentives for a job well done. Although there are several motivators to help ensure employee peak performance, dollars are a good option.  Paychecks are at the bottom of the list as far as motivating an employee to exceed expectations; safety, production or otherwise.  Giving company “Dollars”, lotto tickets, logo items, lunches, etc. for a time w/o an accident works to some extent, for a while but can lead to not reporting an incident.

Proven in the construction industry but applicable to any industry, Incentive Tracks is a stand alone, windows based, easy to use system to track not only the rewards employees receive for safe performance and exceeding expectations, but also holds them accountable for disregarding company safety  policies and procedures.

Accountability? How?  It’s difficult to charge or fine an employee for not following a company safety policy.  But, try using last year’s profits to give  employees their next year’s bonus early then hold or bank it for them. Then safety policy infractions could be tracked and associated fines for those infractions be withdrawn from the employee’s bank account. Incentive Tracks helps with the logistics.

Before you consider this or any incentive program you should have:

(1)A policy that clearly states the company’s commitment to providing a safe work environment.

(2)Management activities that promote safety such as safety meetings, safety training, Safety Training Observation Program, etc.

(3)Policies that state company expectations regarding employee’s responsibilities and accountabilities for safety in the workplace.

(4)Clear work rules with safety expectations.

(5)Effective procedures for evaluating employee performance and compliance with company policies.

(6)Appropriate corrective actions (training to disciplinary) when employees fail to comply with expectations.

(7)Individuals responsible for monitoring workplace safety through inspections, audits, etc.

(8)A safety committee that evaluates incidents and accidents to discover the root causes then implements procedures or policies to help prevent a reoccurrence of those incidents and accidents.

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