Using Incentive Tracks:


Clicking on your bank icon on your desktop brings up the program ready for input. Alfred was observed walking

a ladder at job site 3, a company safety violation. The incident was discussed with Alfred and $50 was withdrawn

from his annual Bonus.


Clicking on the Deposits Tab shows Alfred was rewarded $100 for completing OSHA’s 10Hr class per established

company policy then another $25 for conducting an excellent job site safety meeting on ladder safety.



But poor Alfred, forgets his harness while working an elevated concrete pour, another company safety policy

 violation which can be included with just a click.


Safety violations are easily added or deleted with just a click then stored for any future use. Such as holding employees

accountable for the deductible after a at fault accident, loosing tools or equipment, loosing PPE (harness and lanyards

can be costly) to name just a few.


Job Locations are added with a click and are easily modified to reflect current projects.


Date input is also just a couple of clicks.


Then hitting Save stores the new information for Alfred and shows his new balance.


Reports are also available for an employee or manager.


The employee’s statement can be provided during the review process or per request.


The manager’s report is as follows.


And of course there is a search process.