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AccidentTracks is an easy to use, yet powerful Windows’ based Accident Management Program especially suited for comprehensively recording incident information. With such features as drop down boxes to record Injury Type, Body Part, etc. as well as editable drop down lists for frequently used information such as Department, Project, Supervisor, and employee's Title making data input fast and accurate. Also ample text space for incident descriptions, witness statements, and descriptions of corrective actions to help prevent a reoccurrence.  The program will notify you if an anticipated correction action date has past without the implemented box being checked.

So what do you do with the detailed incident information.  With AccidentTracks you can easily produce graphs and reports to analysis accidents to reveal any trends which might require additional training or controls.  It will also produce your OSHA 300 Log, 300A Summary or an individual Incident 301 Report from your data  with just a few mouse clicks.




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