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Welcome to   Do you practice the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)?  We do. Why should you  spend a week mastering a complicated program just to perform a simple task.  Our programs are self explanatory, do the job, and simple to use but  we still provide help files and online support.

TrainTracks is an easy to use, yet powerful Windows’ based Employee Training Management Program especially suited for managing training in small to medium-sized organizations and single departments in large organizations.

IncentiveTracks is a stand alone, windows based, easy to use system to track not only the rewards employees receive for safe performance and exceeding expectations, but also holds them accountable for disregarding company safety  policies and procedures.

AccidentTracks is an easy to use, yet powerful Windows’ based  accident management program especially suited for comprehensively recording incident information.

And free to all my fishing buddies is CatchTracks, an easy to use digital Fishing Log which allows you to store an associated photo of your catch.


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